About Us

In 1950, New Year’s Day, Harry Neiman and his 20 year old son, Ken, founded the company that today bears the name WORLDBINDERS. In those early years the small manufacturing company purchased a 3500 square foot storefront on Chicago’s famous Halsted Street and began to produce loose leaf binders, custom turned edge binders and vinyl specialties. Before the computer age, the records of all business were recorded in both ring and ledger (post) binders. Today the digital age has radically changed our record maintenance protocol into the computer age.

The entire binder industry was exclusively handwork, using glue, cloth and cardboard as its signature supplies. Office supply distributors and factory representatives were the sales targets of the infant firm which grew throughout the years to take its place in Chicago’s bustling bindery district west of the loop.

Soon the small company outgrew its facilities and moved to larger quarters where the materials handling and automated manufacture of plastic heat sealed products was possible. Over the years numerous innovations changed the face of binder manufacture.
No longer were binders made without silk screened information on the covers and/or spine of the binders. Instead, elaborate decorative capabilities were added to the resources of the company.

In 1984, the company embarked upon innovative ways to meet customer needs. Fewer of the traditional binder products were needed. Instead many ancillary items were added to the line like index sets, special vinyl pockets, tri-fold configurations, zipper binders and rugged expansion binders. In addition to manufacture, many products were purchased and carried in stock for re-sale using the products of our allies to meet our customers needs.

Today, we stand ready to discuss and innovate for our clients’ best decision. While many of our products are made locally, many other items are simply stocked for prompt delivery. Both small and large requirements are reviewed and 95% of these inquiries are quoted within 24-48 hours depending upon the complexity of the requirement. Your business and quotation requests are promptly responded to.

Ken Neiman, President